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6 Easy Hairstyles for the Holiday Season

As much as we love the holidays, we often find ourselves scrambling to get everything done. Making shopping lists and wrapping gifts, attending social events that we agree to make food for, planning outings with friends who are visiting, sending christmas cards, decorating - the list goes on and on.

Even with incredible organization and help from family and friends, it can become a bit stressful to manage. On top of that, we want to look and feel good when we’re seeing our loved ones, and self-care can become difficult to fit in to our busy schedules.

Fortunately, Tease Hair Boutique has pulled together a list of six easy-to-do hairstyles that you can create in the comfort of your own bathroom (or wherever you're getting ready).

So save some time while creating masterful looks that will have people thinking you just stepped out of the salon by trying one of these six easy styles for the holidays!

1. Perfect your holiday wave

Follow along as Tease Hair Boutique stylist Heather Jordan does an Instagram tutorial on creating voluminous at home waves for your holiday look.

Heather’s Pro Tips:
  • Make sure to use some type of thermal protection every time you use heat tools on your hair! Heather recommends Kérastase Essence Absolue nourishing protective oil paired with Kérastase Keratine Thermique for extra heat protection.

  • Use a larger barrel size for bouncier waves. In the tutorial, Heather is using a 1/14 curling iron.

  • When setting the temperature, avoid cranking up the heat too high. Heather has her curling iron set to 380 degrees.

  • Use the curl and drag method to keep ends a little straighter for a more wavy look, followed by combing the curls out with your fingers.

  • Use volume powder or finishing texture spray to add some extra volume and hold!

2. Create an elegant and simple bouffant ponytail

We love a good updo, especially one that looks elegant and timeless while taking no time at all! Kérastase has pulled together a step by step guide on how to create this look, here’s how you can create it at home.

Kérastase Pro Tips:
  1. After blow drying your hair with Mousse Bouffante Hair Mousse by Kérastase, spray texture spray at the roots and gently tease all over.

  2. Part your hair in front and pull the strands around your face forward, pulling hair in back up into a high, messy ponytail.

  3. Gently pull sections of hair up from the ponytail, adding a little extra volume but avoid separating too much. Then, bring the front sections of hair back, wrapping around the ponytail to hide the elastic.

  4. Finish off with a flexible hold hair spray and voila! You’re updo is complete.

3. Flat Iron curls with that extra hold

Tease Hair Boutique manager and stylist Suzanne Chapman walks you through how to create perfect flat iron curls for all day hold in this video tutorial.

Suzanne’s Pro Tips:
  • Again - always prep your hair with thermal protection before any heat tool use.

  • Section off your hair when curling, beginning with the shorter hair underneath and working your way to the top of your head.

  • Treat the straightener like a curling iron; holding the end while placing the edge at a 90 degree angle, easily curling your hair as you pull through.

  • Alternate directions of the curls by switching the direction you’re wrapping for additional volume and bouncy curls.

  • Finish with some light hold hairspray and texture cream to keep your look going all day long!

4. Double top knot elegant updo

Another Kérastase favorite, the double top knot takes minutes to create and is suitable for every occasion, combining a hint of playfulness and class for a chic look. Another benefit - this look works great to mask a little grease on day 2 or 3 hair!

Kérastase Pro Tips:
  1. Apply texture spray to the roots of clean, dry hair and slightly tease. Then, make two vertical ponytails, beginning with the bottom section.

  2. Take the top ponytail and gently twist the hair, naturally rolling it around the elastic to hide it. Secure the bun with bobby pins along the edges before repeating with the bottom ponytail.

  3. Gently pull the two buns to add some volume and secure with more bobby pins as needed. Finish up with a strong hold hair spray like Laque Noire Hair Spray to finish up the look!

5. Apply a festive clip for an elegant look

We know, we know - it almost sounds too easy - but adding a little decorative piece to your look adds a slight elegance while taking minutes to perfect. In this look created by Tease Hair Boutique stylist Valerie Curreri, our model rocks a beautiful crystal piece.

Pro Tips:
  • Hair pieces can be used on one side of the face with hair pulled back, to create a half up look (as pictured), or even as a decorative addition on an updo.

  • To make sure the pin is secure, tease hair before placing and if necessary, use bobby pins or small elastics to hold the hair in place, easily covering them with the clip.

  • Pull hair gently up out of the hair piece to add more volume to your look and finish off with strong hold hair spray around the hair piece itself.

  • Add more subtle elegance by matching the look of your earrings or other accessories with the hair pin itself.

6. Create a braided chignon updo

Low set buns always offer a look of simple elegance. This chic updo by Kerastase offers a chic look and only takes a few minutes to create!

Kérastase Pro Tips:
  1. After blow drying your hair with a good cream like L’incroyable Blowdry Creme Hair Cream by Kérastase, lightly curl the hair using a mid-sized curling iron.

  2. Part hair down the middle, applying texture spray to the roots before clipping the hair at the nape of the neck.

  3. Twist the two sides and secure over the hair pins using bobby pins. Then, twist the hair strand by strand, wrapping the twists gently into the look and securing them with more bobby pins. Finish the look off with some strong hold hairspray.

Bottom Line:

All of the above styles offer elegance while taking minutes to perfect. If you give one of these looks a try, make sure to post and tag us on instagram for a special shoutout.

From the Tease Hair Boutique family, we want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

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