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Gym-Friendly Hairstyles, Products & Tips to Keep Hair Fresh While Working Out

We hope you’ve enjoyed the holiday season with loved ones, and as we look to 2023 we’re looking forward to setting new goals and reinvesting ourselves into ones we’ve already set! For some of us, that may mean more screen-free time, less frivolous spending, or maybe to be more mindful. With Christmas cookies and plenty of gravy in the rearview, many of us are looking forward to re-setting our focus on creating new healthy habits.

If hitting the gym or working out more is at the top of your resolution list, there are a few things to consider. Beyond the standard of choosing a gym and buying new workout clothes (motivation, am I right?), to make a workout habit a routine it needs to become a part of your schedule. This includes your weekly work calendar, daycare and family commitments, and even your personal grooming schedule like - you guessed it - how often you wash your hair.

If this sounds burdensome it shouldn’t be, because fortunately there are many hacks to help you keep your hair fresh between washings while still working out. In this article we’ll take you through our top tips, tricks, hairstyles and products that will get you ready to hit the gym while keeping locks looking clean.

Gym-Friendly Hairstyles

When getting ready for a workout, you definitely want your hair out of your face. While the goal is to sweat, it’s ideal to avoid exposing strands and ends to sweat as much as possible. Depending on your hair type, your style preference may differ.


Great short shorter/bobbed hair

A great workout hairstyle, (especially for short or bobbed hair) the classic pigtail offers a cute and sporty look while keeping your hair out of your face. Simply part your hair in two and secure with elastics, with the option to braid or section the top part of your hair for added hold.

French Braid(s)

Great for long hair

Another great option to keep hair out of your face is the classic french braid. This is ideal for longer or thicker hair when you need something tighter and more compact to keep hair in place. Plus, you’ll probably get a nice wave to your hair post-workout.


Great for fine or straightened hair

Whether you’ve just gotten a blowout or have hair that easily kinks, a top knot is an ideal hairstyle for the gym to keep hair out of your face. Simply pull hair towards the crown of the head and twist and pile, securing with an elastic.


Great for curly or coiled hair

With an adorable name like “the pineapple”, the hairstyle offers a cute and playful look while keeping curly hair out of your face. We’ve found it’s easiest to flip your head over then gather hair at the crown of your head, secured with an elastic. This will keep the form of your curls while keeping them out of your face.

Tips & Tricks

Spray ends with leave-in conditioner before workout

Did you know that most leave-in conditioners are reactivated when hit with water or heat? You’ll want to protect your ends from the drying saltiness of sweat with a leave-in conditioner. Use leave-in conditioner before your workout to protect ends, with the option to use after your workout to re-moisturize and tame.

Use a no-crease hair tie

We all hate pulling our hair out of a ponytail only to see the crease line from the elastic still there, but when it comes to working out - you really need your hair out of your face. Fortunately, there are now no-crease hair ties like the invisi-bobble available to keep your hair securely in place without the crease mark.

Give hair a quick blow dry after workout

For those hard-hit cardio days where you’re sweating a lot, chances are you’ll feel moisture at your scalp and roots. Before adding dry shampoo, hit hair with a quick blow dry to remove excess moisture. After working out, your hair may have lost its shape or taken to the shape of your hairstyle. An easy fix is to use a round to blow out your hair and add shape, especially if you’re rocking bangs. Pro tip: bangs can get oily faster; wear a shower cap and only wash your bangs for a quick, even fresher looking blowdry.

As always, make sure to have a primer or heat protectant in your hair to avoid any additional damage - like this one by Kérastase that reactivates when with the use of heat!

Use a headband or sweat-band

Sports headbands are not only stylish but also useful when it comes to absorbing sweat and keeping hair out of your face. And for those of you with extensions - a headband will allow you to pull your hair out of your face while covering any seams, beads or tape you’d prefer to go unseen! Opt for something stretchy, quick-drying and breathable like the Vital Headband (pictured) by Athleta.

Our Favorite Workout-Friendly Products

Kérastase Fresh Affairs Dry Shampoo

Combining rice starch to absorb sweat and sebum while adding volume with deeply moisturizing vitamin E oil, we can’t say enough about how much we love the Fresh Affairs Dry Shampoo! With a light and fresh scent, use this dry shampoo after your workout to absorb excess oils and refresh your hair. Shake before use, then spray from 10-12 inches away, focusing on roots and scalps. Massage into the scalp and brush through.

Pro Tip: spray dry shampoo in your hair at night before you sleep and before working out to help prevent oiliness.

Kérastase Scrub Énergisant Purifying Scalp Scrub

If you’re using more dry shampoo, you’ll want to make sure to avoid buildup by clarifying your scalp every couple of rinses. Combining oil-balancing sea salt with moisturizing vitamin B6 and salicylic acid, Kérastase Scrub Énergisant Purifying Scalp Scrub is great for removing buildup and balancing scalp health while removing impurities. To use, apply to the scalp and hair, massaging through. Rinse and follow with your standard haircare routine.

Kérastase Nutritive Leave In Hair Care Set

Sweat is primarily salt and water, and can cause dry ends when hair is exposed during workouts. To avoid this, we recommend using a leave-in regimen to help seal and protect hair cuticles. Start with the Nectar Thermique Blow Dry Primer, which should be applied to hair after washing for protection and sealed ends. Use the 8H Magic Night Hair Serum before bed to add moisture and protection to ends while nourishing hair while you sleep. Lastly, the Crème Magistrale Hair Balm offers deep moisture and repair to dry ends. Work this into your routine by using after cleansing hair, or add to dry ends post-workout for additional nourishment!

Bottom Line

While the hairstyles, products and tips above will help you go from gym-junkie to office-ready in minutes, keep in mind that you may need to slightly adjust your hair-wash schedule as you sweat more and increase sebum levels. Products like dry shampoo offer a quick fix but can cause buildup which will ultimately affect your scalp health. To avoid an unbalanced scalp, make sure you’re cleansing often enough and avoid over-using products.

If you’re still unsure how often you should wash with your new routine, consult your Tease Hair Boutique Stylist during your next appointment. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy New Year from all of us at Tease!

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