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How Much Do Hair Extensions Actually Cost?

If you’ve recently done a double take at a friend whose hairstyle went from long bob to eighteen inches of volume and length, you’re not alone. Despite hair extensions having been around for a very long time (I’m talking Cleopatra rocking them in 3400 BC long time) they’ve recently gained a lot of popularity.

While wigs and weaves have been popular amongst a variety of ethnicities with different hair textures since the 1920’s, the rising popularity of short and long term hair extensions has grown dramatically over the past forty years. It comes as no surprise that hair extensions gained a lot of popularity in the United States during the 1980’s when big hair was the hottest trend. During those times, hair extensions were attached by melting wax and adhering wefts of hair to natural hair.

Today, hair extensions have evolved to be longer term and better for your hair and scalp, resulting in more people donning a fuller, lengthier look. In a recent Tease Hair Boutique article, we covered the different types of hair extension and what you should consider before getting hair extensions. Today, we will dive into the million dollar question; how much do hair extensions actually cost?

First things first: what to consider

When it comes to getting hair extensions, there is no “one size fits all” method, which is why we recommend that you get an exact price from your Tease Hair Boutique Stylist next time you’re in the Norwell salon. There are three main factors that affect the cost of hair extensions:

  1. The type and quality of the hair extensions you’re purchasing

  2. The method of attaching them to your hair

  3. The amount of hair you will need

We’ve outlined these factors below and provided a general price range for each type so you can come to your next appointment with an idea of what may fit your budget and lifestyle needs!

Hair Extension Quality and Type

When it comes to hair extensions, you have the option of using temporary or semi-permanent solutions. Temporary hair extensions include options that can be put in and taken out effortlessly; clip-in or halo temporary extensions are the most common. Alternatively, semi-permanent hair extensions typically last between six weeks to five months depending on the type of extension and the method used to place them.

Regardless of the application method, it is highly recommended that you use a quality Remy human hair extension over something synthetic. Real hair does not matte as easily and can be styled using heat tools, while synthetic hair typically doesn’t last as long as human hair extensions.

For temporary hair extensions, ask your Tease Hair Boutique Stylist which brand they recommend for clip-in or halo extensions. At Tease Hair Boutique, all of our permanent extension options are 100% Remy Human Hair, our most common options being Platinum Seamless, Babe and Aqua hair extensions.

Method of Application

In terms of temporary hair extensions, you’ll most often find yourself applying them at home for special occasions or a night out on the town, so you’re really only looking at the cost of the hair extensions themselves. If you’re looking for a longer term solution for length and volume, Tease Hair Boutique offers a variety of methods for semi-permanent hair extensions that vary in price depending on the application method. Among the most popular are tape-in hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, and beaded weft sewn-in hair extensions.

Tape in hair extensions are applied in one inch sections using adhesive glue. Hair is placed between two opposing sides of tape, and then the sides are stuck together, adhering to each other and the hair in between. Tape-in extensions can be re-used and last about 6-8 weeks before needing to be reapplied.

Fusion hair extensions, also called pre-bonded or bonded hair extensions, are small, individual wefts of hair that are adhered to the root of your natural hair using an adhesive bond like keratin glue. This type of extension can take a couple hours to put in but last for up to 3-5 months before you need to have them redone.

Beaded weft sew-in hair extensions are applied by sewing long tracks of hair to beads that are applied to your natural hair. These beads are adhered to small sections of your hair, and then the extensions are sewn to the top of it. This method of hair extension takes about 1-2 hours to apply and can last 6-8 weeks before you need them professionally repositioned.

Fusion hair extensions require the most work to place since they’re small and individual pieces, and for that reason they are often the most expensive. Beaded weft sew-in extensions come next in terms of service pricing, with tape-in extensions close behind at the lowest price point for application.

The Amount of Hair You Will Need

The final thing that will affect the price of hair extensions is the volume of hair you will need. Depending on the thickness and length of your hair, you may need more extension hair to make them blend in with your hair and look natural.

If you have fairly thick, short hair and are looking to get extensions for length, you will likely need more hair so that the look feels layered and smooth instead of a noticeable difference between your natural short hair and the extension lengths that follow.

If you already have fairly long hair and are looking to add a little length or thickness, you won’t need as much hair as the difference won’t be as drastic. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have naturally fine or thin hair, then a little goes a long way and you may be able to get away with less hair while still creating a drastic difference in your look. Overall, you'll need the help of your Tease Hair Boutique stylist to identify exactly how much hair you will need.

Bottom Line Pricing

With the three factors outlined above in mind, here are some general price ranges for the different types of hair extensions. Keep in mind that additional services like smoothing treatments, hair coloring or other services not standard to extensions can make the cost higher.

Temporary Hair Extension Pricing (hair only)

Remy Human Hair Extensions, Clip-In: $60 - $800

Remy Human Hair Extensions, Halo: $40 - $500

Permanent Hair Extension Pricing (hair and single application)

Tape-In Hair Extensions: $200 - $1200

Fusion Hair Extensions: $300 - $1700

Beaded Weft Sewn-In Hair Extensions:$500 - $1500

When it comes to hair extensions, your best approach is to speak with your Tease Hair Boutique stylist about your desired look and hair care routine to identify what is best for your lifestyle.

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