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Meet the Owner of Tease Hair Boutique, Heather Silva

Meet Heather Silva, the owner of Tease Hair Boutique and a level six Hair Stylist. Heather’s career in cosmetology and her love for all things beauty started at a very young age. As an awkward middle schooler, Heather felt out of place in her own skin, describing this time as her “ugly duckling” stage. One day, an older girl decided to do her hair and makeup, transforming not only Heather’s appearance but her confidence.

“I had never truly felt pretty before, and once I realized the level of self-esteem I got from a blow dryer and some eyeliner, I became hooked on all things beauty,” Heather explains about her love for the industry, “My passion for it has never left.”

Shortly after this transformative moment she decided to attend Weymouth Vocational High School for Cosmetology where her passion for all things beauty grew and evolved. Upon graduating with her cosmetology license, Heather started her career gaining experience at Supercuts and a now-closed salon called Compliments of Hanover. She even spent some time down in Jacksonville, Florida as a Hair Stylist before returning to Massachusetts.

While Heather’s passion for beauty has always been something she knew she wanted to pursue a career in, owning a business was not exactly on her radar. In 2008, she was asked if she would be interested in partnering with a close friend to open a salon. Hesitant, Heather decided to visit the space to support her friend without any real intention of joining the business venture. Upon walking into the space, she started envisioning what the salon could look like and became excited about the possibilities that lie in front of her.

Coming from a family of former business owners, she knew the sacrifices that came with owning a business, but after a couple days of deliberating she decided to go for it. In October of 2008, the doors of Tease Hair Boutique officially opened.

“No risk, no reward. Sometimes you have to go with your gut, feel the fear and take a chance,” says Heather, “I’m a dreamer so I went for it.”

In addition to her love for all things beauty, Heather has always been passionate about teaching and even spent some time after graduation working as an educator for ISo and Joico. This passion was carried into Tease Hair Boutique, which now functions as a teaching salon and offers a prestigious associate program to recently licensed stylists who would like to practice hair at the level of quality and standard Tease offers to clients. The program begins with new associates working as assistants, allowing them to learn from seasoned stylists while building their own set of skills. Upon completion, most associates are offered a position at Tease Hair Boutique.

Despite the workload that comes with owning a business, Heather is still focused on her work as a Hair Stylist and continuing to make others feel beautiful. A level six Hair Stylist, Heather specializes in transformative hair styles and cutting fine hair. A board certified colorist, she has a laundry list of certifications including Vidal Sassoon ABC cutting, Brazilian Blowout, Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions and many more.

When asked what her favorite thing about being a Hair Stylist is, Heather answers that it is what always challenges her to grow.

“From new hairstyle techniques to the many hats I wear as owner, manager, educator and stylist, I am always growing and adapting as I learn new things, becoming a stronger, better version of myself,” Heather says, “There’s also nothing like watching a stylist become proud of their growth or watching a client strutting out of the salon with a new sense of confidence.”

As busy as Tease Hair Boutique keeps her, Heather still finds time to enjoy the things she loves to do. When not at the salon, Heather loves to spend quality time with her family and friends (pictured: her niece and nephew!), traveling and exploring new places, snowboarding, gardening (a new hobby of hers), and now that the pandemic is behind us, dating. As much as Heather loves to be social, she also loves being a homebody at times, unwinding at the end of a long day in front of the TV with her favorite series on.

Heather believes that to be a good stylist, you must be able to listen and understand what the client wants while having the expertise and confidence to do it well. In addition to these skills, Heather believes a great stylist is friendly and outgoing with a passion for the beauty industry.

“With my team, I have grown Tease bigger than I ever imagined it to be. I have connected with so many great people who support me on this journey. It was not and is still not easy, however every obstacle gives me a new sense of confidence, and I keep raising the bar for myself and for the salon.”

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