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Stylist Spotlight: Meet Hallie Molineaux

Say hello to Tease Hair Boutique’s newest employee, Hallie Molineaux! Hallie joined the Tease team just about a month ago as a part of the Associate program. Originally from Roseville, CA she moved to Rockland, MA at age seven and grew up on the South Shore. Hallie always knew she wanted to be a stylist, and after High School she attended Toni and Guy Hairdressing Academy. Upon completing her training, Hallie worked at two different salons as both an associate and a hair stylist gaining experience before making the move to Tease Hair Boutique in Norwell.

“I have always known I wanted to be a stylist,” says Hallie, “even as a kid I was always doing everyone’s hair and makeup.”

The main thing that brought Hallie to Tease was the Associate program - a teaching salon, Tease Hair Boutique offers students and recently licensed stylists the opportunity to gain hands-on experience and learn from some of the best hair stylists on the South Shore. Once she completes the program, she will begin on the floor as a Level One Hair Stylist. Even with her previous experience, Hallie was attracted to the educational elements of the Associate program that will allow her to gain more hands-on experience and perfect her skills.

Hallie is certified in both Brazilian Blowout and Barbicide, and she specializes in blonde services. When asked why she wanted to become a stylist, Hallie tells Tease that she loves making people feel confident and beautiful.

“My favorite thing is being able to make people feel happy about their appearances and themselves,” says Hallie.

When she’s not working and learning at Tease Hair Boutique, Hallie enjoys a variety of activities including spending time with her friends and hanging out with her dog, George. If she didn’t have to work for a living, she’d spend most of her days enjoying the finer things in life like spending time out in the sun and by the pool.

Next time you visit the Tease Hair Boutique salon make sure to say hello to Hallie!

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