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Stylist Spotlight: Meet Kaitlyn Brady

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Say Hello to Kaitlyn Brady, a Level Four Hair Stylist at Tease Hair Boutique with a history of passion for hair! A South Shore native, Kaitlyn grew up going to the salon with her mother, watching with interest and curiosity as the stylists transformed her mother’s hair in front of her eyes. From a young age Kaitlyn knew she wanted to be a Hair Stylist, and while attending high school she began working as a receptionist at a salon in Pembroke, which confirmed to her that she was destined to become a stylist. 

After attending Allano School of Cosmetology in 2007, Kaitliyn’s role shifted from receptionist to assistant to the owner, and then to stylist upon graduating. Kaitlyn continued to gain experience as a stylist for 4 years in Pembroke, until she decided it was time for a change and began looking for a new salon to bring her skills to. Through an online search she found a hiring ad for Tease Hair Boutique, and fell in love with the salon and all it had to offer. 

I checked out the website and thought the salon was beautiful,” says Kaitlyn, “I went to my first interview and it just felt right! I loved that it was a smaller group of women that were all really friendly and welcoming, and knowing that there were a lot of educational opportunities was exciting for me as well.”

Nine years later, Kaitlyn still feels very lucky to work with a group of such amazing women at Tease. Kaitlyn is certified in Sassoon hair cutting, Brazilian Blowouts, Aqua tape-in hair extensions, Platinum Seamless, and Babe, and also holds multiple color certifications through Wella and L’Oréal Professionals. In addition to her long list of certifications, Kaitlyn specializes in gray coverage. 

“I love creating color formulas that look like it’s naturally growing right out from your scalp.” Kaitlyn explains about her specialty, “Treatment haircuts are also a favorite of mine; there is nothing more satisfying than taking damaged, over processed, or uneven hair to the most healthy, shiny, and beautiful head of hair possible.”

In addition to enjoying the company of her coworkers, Kaitlyn’s favorite part of being a Tease Hair Stylist is the way she gets to connect with her clients, offering them a couple of hours where they can relax and focus on themselves, leaving the salon feeling beautiful. Over the past nine years since she joined the Tease Hair Boutique team, Kaitlyn has formed strong relationships with her clients and always looks forward to seeing them back in her chair. 

“What makes a good stylist is being a good listener.” says Kaitlyn,  "A lot of the times our chair is the only time a client gets the opportunity to focus on themselves, so I think being a part of that time for them is super important. It’s also very important to listen and understand the lifestyle of the client so you know the maintenance they are willing to put into their hair to help determine their needs. Communication is key for a successful experience."

Outside of work, Kaitlyn enjoys being at home and spending time with her husband and two children. In fact, if Kaitlyn didn’t have to work for a living, she’d want to spend her time at home focusing on her family, something she feels fortunate to have been able to do during the salon’s closure due to the pandemic. 

If you’re coming into the salon for an appointment with Kaitlyn, make sure to ask about her favorite no-stress vacation spot in New Hampshire that she visits annually with her family!

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