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Stylist Spotlight: Meet Tamryn Arnold

Meet Tamryn Arnold, a newly licensed stylist who joined the Tease Hair Boutique team as an Associate four months ago! Tamryn grew up in Weymouth, and from a young age she, and everyone around her, knew that she was destined for a career in hair. Even at the age of three Tamryn was styling her own hair; putting her hair in pigtails, buns, and ponytails.

By the time she got to grade school, she was well known for her braiding skills. Girls would like up for two french braids for things like sports games, dances, and school events. It gave her a feeling she had never felt before, knowing that her skills were sought after and all of her young clientele were so happy with the outcome. Tamryn even recalls girls keeping the braids in for multiple days until they got too messy to keep in any longer.

“It really just confirmed that this is what I want to make a career out of,” Tamryn explains, “I’m so excited for where this career is going to take me and to feel like I’m making a difference for every person who sits in my chair.”

While Tamryn always knew she had a natural talent and love for hair, she decided to give college a try upon graduating high school. After her first week, she felt that she had made the wrong decision, but she stuck it out for two more years before deciding to follow her heart. Tamryn enrolled in Toni & Guy hairdressing Academy where she completed the program while working as a waitress and set her sights on working at Tease Hair Boutique.

“I visited Tease Hair Boutique in 2019 to get my hair done for prom and completely fell in love with the atmosphere,” Tamryn recalls, “every single person was so happy and smiling, including the clients. I remember leaving the salon very happy, for more reasons than just the beautiful work Sue did!”

It will come as no surprise that Tamryn specializes in braiding, a skill she learned to help tame her own textured hair. She also enjoys learning from the incredibly talented stylists around her through the Tease Hair Boutique Associate program, which allows recent grads and newly certified stylists to learn from some of the best on the South Shore in a hands-on environment.

“I’ve loved getting to know our clients and engaging in conversations with them while I’m styling and assisting,” says Tamryn, “It’s great seeing people I know as well as bonding with the stylists at Tease.”

Outside of work, Tamryn enjoys traveling, shopping and spending time with friends and family. A little known fact about Tamryn is that she was a dancer for twelve years! If she could do anything and money wasn’t an issue, Tamryn would still do hair. In fact, she says she would open her own salon in New York City - her favorite place to vacation for the night life, fashion, and overall vibe.

When asked what her favorite thing about her career is, Tamryn says that she loves the idea of doing what she loves for a living. Next time you’re at the Tease Hair Boutique salon, make sure to say hi to Tamryn!

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