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Stylist Spotlight: Say Hello to Kendra Hemingway

We are excited to introduce the Tease Hair Boutique community to Kendra Hemingway, who joined the team as part of the Associate Program this summer! Originally from Marshfield, Kendra always had an interest in the beauty industry and has fond memories of getting her hair done as a child by her aunt, who is also a stylist.

“We would have hair parties at the end of every summer with family and friends, and my aunt would do everyone’s hair,” Kendra recalls, “I was always so amazed. She even did a few foils for me when I was in elementary school because I wanted them so bad!”

Though she didn’t always know she wanted to become a stylist, Kendra took some time to reflect on where she’d like to take her career before deciding to follow in her aunt's footsteps. After high school, Kendra spent some time working as a nanny and pre-school teacher before graduating Toni & Guy Hair Academy in June. Upon graduating, she was looking for an opportunity to jump start her career while continuing to learn, perfecting her skills and learning new techniques.

“I chose to work at Tease because I think they have an amazing training program unlike any other salon,” says Kendra, referring to the Tease Hair Boutique Associate Program that allows junior stylists to learn from seasoned stylists and grow at their own pace, “I like how you progress to get on the floor based on the goals you set and meet. I also love the environment, everyone is so friendly and welcoming!”

After only a few months at Tease, Kendra has gained quite a bit of hands-on experience and is working hard towards her goals. She is Keratin Certified and has a deep interest in the art of highlights, particularly learning different ways to lighten hair. She is grateful for the opportunities she’s had and the support she receives from her family, her mother in particular who has always inspired her and encouraged her to go after what she wants.

Outside of work, Kendra enjoys spending time with her friends and family, taking her dog for walks at the beach and expressing her creativity through painting and drawing. When asked what her favorite part about being a stylist is, she boasts about the Tease clientele and what she’s learned in her time on the team.

“I’ve deeply enjoyed getting to know the clients who visit the salon. I’ve also learned so many tips and techniques from the Tease Hair Boutique Stylists,” says Kendra.

Next time you visit the salon make sure to give Kendra a warm welcome!

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