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Stylist Spotlight: Say Hello to Tyla Cugno

Meet Tyla Cugno, a South Shore Vo-tech cosmetology student and the latest addition to the Tease Hair Boutique Associate Program! Tyla joined the cosmetology program to pursue her love of creating fun and unique looks with makeup, and quickly fell in love with the art of styling hair. She was first introduced to Tease Hair Boutique during her junior year when she attended a class trip to tour local salons. The first stop on the tour, Tyla fell in love with the vibe at Tease, recalling the stylish decor and the friendly and welcoming environment.

A few months later, Tease Hair Boutique owner Heather Silva visited South Shore Vo-tech to provide cosmetology students with a balayage demo.Tyla enjoyed Heather’s style of teaching the hand-painted style, demonstrating then providing advice as students tried the method themselves.

Now a senior in high school, Tyla joined the Tease Hair Boutique Associate program where she can learn from experienced, tenured stylists while developing new skills and gaining hands-on experience. At the end of the program, Tyla will have the opportunity to join the Tease team as a Level One Stylist; something she is already eagerly working towards.

Tyla also plays volleyball for SSVT Varsity team

Tyla’s favorite thing about becoming a stylist is how she can make her clients feel, seeing their positive reactions to their hair and feeling a sense of pride and accomplishment. Her favorite moment so far as a stylist was while she was working at the vo-tech salon, and a client brought her back lunch to show her appreciation for her work. She is also particularly passionate about the art of foiling and blonding services.

“Just a couple foils can make such a difference in not only how the hair looks, but how you feel”, says Tyla, “for me, going blonde was a huge confidence boost and I hope to make others feel the way it made me feel.”

Outside of work, Tyla enjoys going to the beach, shopping, exercising, and playing volleyball for her schools’ Varsity volleyball team. She loves to travel, visiting New York City as often as she can, enjoying the hustle and bustle. An avid horror fan, Tyla loves the classics like Silence of the Lambs and House of 1000 Corpses. Apart from these hobbies, Tyla also enjoys spending some down time with her boyfriend, Matt.

Tyla and her boyfriend, Matt

Next time you visit Tease Hair Boutique, make sure to give Tyla a warm welcome!

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