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The Best Hair Solutions for Fine, Thin Hair

Despite fine hair being typically easy to manage, it can feel like a constant chore to keep it looking healthy and voluminous. Opposite to what we described in last month's article on the best hair solutions for coarse and thick hair, fine and thin hair comes with its own list of benefits and headaches. Let’s start by covering what it means to have fine, thin hair.

The term ‘fine’ refers to the texture and width of each strand of hair. When hair is considered fine, the circumference of each strand of hair is smaller in size, often hard to feel when pinched between two fingers. Fine hair is typically smooth and silky to the touch and may appear flatter since the strands stay closer together.

The term ‘thin’ refers to the volume of hair follicles on the scalp, meaning when hair is thin there are less strands of hair by volume on the scalp. When hair is fine and thin, it is much more delicate and can appear flat or stringy if not properly cared for. When done right, fine and thin hair can be easily managed and more quickly styled. Fortunately there are many products and styling techniques to make fine, thin hair look full and voluminous!

Redken High Rise Shampoo & Conditioner

When choosing a shampoo and conditioner, it’s important to choose something that is right for your specific hair type. For fine or thin hair, you’ll want to stay away from anything overly moisturizing that might weigh hair down and instead opt for a volumizing product. Redken High Rise Shampoo and Conditioner is an affordable option that will help build body and give hair a lift with a soft and manageable finish.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

Kèrastase Densifique Shampoo & Conditioner

Another fan favorite for fine, thin hair is the Densifique Shampoo & Conditioner by Kèrastase. This thickening shampoo and conditioner set uses hyaluronic acid to combat thinning hair and prevent additional breakage while gluco peptides and ceramides strengthen, moisturize, and promote elasticity. This set is also deep cleansing, removing build up from products and giving your hair ultimate volume.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

Caviar Multiplying Volume Shampoo & Conditioner

Another shampoo and conditioner set that increases volume, Caviar Multiplying Volume Shampoo & Conditioner gently cleanses hair while retaining moisture and boosting hair fullness. Formulated using caviar extract rich in omega fatty acids, these age defying products will give hair instant volume and will work across a variety of hair types including straight, wavy, curly, or coiled hair.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

Kèrastase Densimorphose Hair Mousse

Due to the soft texture, fine hair can often appear very flat and lifeless. To give your hair some extra hold, we recommend Kèrastase Densimorphose Hair Mousse. Like the shampoo and conditioner, this thickening hair mousse uses hyaluronic acid, gluco peptides and ceramides to strengthen and thicken hair while improving hair texture and creating a more voluminous look. To use, shake well and apply mousse to towel dried hair. Distribute from roots to ends with a comb and blow dry. When it comes to how much to use, too much product can weigh fine hair down; start with a dollop in your palm and adjust the amount from there!

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

Shu Uemura Wata Wave Texture Spray

Another option to build volume and texture in fine hair is by using Shu Uemura Wata Wave Texture spray. Inspired by the Japanese term ‘Wata’ which translates to cotton, this spray will give you a flexible, buildable texture with a soft, matte finish. Extend hair styles and refresh your look by spraying Shu Uemura Wata Wave Texture Spray 8-10 inches from dry hair, then tussling with fingers.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

Kèrastase Specifique Intensive Scalp & Thinning Hair Treatment

Healthy hair really does start at the root, or rather the scalp! This intensive scalp treatment uses arginine to help stimulate healthy hair growth by supporting blood flow to the roots of the hair cells. Pair that with glycerin to attract and retain moisture and citric acid to grow stronger, healthier hair and you have a powerful solution to improve the appearance of thinning hair. To use, apply directly to the scalp using the applicator tip, dividing hair section by section and massaging with fingertips. Do not rinse, and try to use daily or a minimum of three times per week. Kerastase also recommends using from 6-8 weeks to start for best results!

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

Short, Blunt Haircuts

While finding the right products for fine, thin hair is half the battle, finding a hairstyle that works is definitely the other half. Having less hair means that some longer styles may not work as well, often leaving hair looking stringy or limp. Keeping hair shorter and getting trims regularly will give hair a much fuller look while preventing split ends which can add to the stringy look. While layers can add volume, be careful with how many you add as it can also make hair look more sparse at the ends. Opting for a more blunt hair cut will give hair a fuller, healthier look and feel!

Talk to your Tease Hair Boutique Stylist about what cut is right for you.

Be Careful with Processing

Brunette, blonde, balayage, brunette again, red, back to blonde. Many of us love to experiment with our hair and try new trends, however if you have fine or thin hair the damage will be much more noticeable and can lead to dry, broken strands. While highlights can help add texture and a more voluminous look to your hair, avoid over-processing fine hair and make sure to use the right products and hair masks for your specific needs!

Talk to your Tease Hair Boutique Stylist about what your hair can handle.

Never skip Heat Protection

Similar to over-processing, overusing heat styling tools with a lack of heat protection will show more drastically on fine or thin hair. Avoid using heat styling tools when possible, and when you do use them make sure to always use a heat protection product (like one of these by Kèrastase) to prevent unnecessary damage.

Talk to your Tease Hair Boutique Stylist about what heat protectant is best for you.

If you’re still unsure what best for your hair, your Tease Hair Boutique stylist is here to listen to your specific hair needs and find a styling solution that’s right for you.

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