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The Importance of Scalp Health for Growing Stronger, Healthier Hair

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

With the drop in temperature and summer behind us, you’ve probably felt the effects of the changing weather on your body, skin, and hair. The days are getting shorter, the humidity lower and over the past couple of weeks we’ve felt our first few mornings of debating turning the heat on.

These climate changes - both indoor and out - have a huge affect on the moisture in your hair as well as your day to day routine. Sweating less, some of us may be leaning into the dry shampoo a bit more than we usually do, especially if you’re oil training your scalp or pass on washing to avoid leaving the house with wet hair.

While locking in moisture during the winter months is important for your locks, we’re taking this back to the root (literally) to talk about how to promote growth of healthy hair through scalp health.

The importance of scalp care

Scalp heath has been a buzzy term that’s rising in importance as we learn more about the importance of it to healthy hair growth. If you think of it like a garden full of seeds, you need to nurture, water, and care for your garden to grow the beautiful, healthy flowers. Well, the same applies to the health of your scalp.

So how does hair grow? Each hair grows from an individual follicle that surfaces on your scalp. Your scalp produces oil called sebum through a gland within the follicle, and the amount varies by person. To allow for growth of the hair and balanced hair oil, the pathway for the hair needs to be clean and healthy. Things like dead skin, dandruff, product or even infection can have an impact on hair growth and in some cases, permanently blocked follicles will cease to produce hair.

If you get dandruff, especially in the colder months, you’re not alone. Dandruff is a very common problem that is caused by imbalance of the scalp that causes scalp flaking. With skin constantly shedding, dandruff can appear for both dry and oily scalps, and often is a result of a rise in bacteria on your head due to things like diet, hygiene, infrequent shampooing, stress, hormones, and changes in product or climate.

If you’re experiencing dandruff, you probably need to incorporate scalp health products including shampoos, toners, scrubs, or masks into your routine. Your Tease Hair Boutique hair stylist can make a recommendation that’s right for you.

Luckily avoiding these types of problems can usually be solved through simple techniques and proper hair care.

Keeping your scalp healthy

Use the right products

Each scalp has its own unique ph balance and makeup, which means there’s no ‘one size fits all’ product. First, make sure the products you’re using are made of quality ingredients and aren’t too heavy in sulfates, alcohol or fragrances which can cause imbalance. Talk to your Tease Hair Boutique stylist for a recommendation on what is right for your hair.

Keep it clean

While we talked about oil training to reduce sebum production and go longer between washes, it’s important to think about the effects too much buildup can have on scalp health. More time between washes may mean using more dry shampoo to combat the oil, ultimately coating your scalp in product and causing an imbalance.

If you notice itchiness, flakiness, hair loss, or general scalp discomfort, you may need to wash your scalp more often. Alternatively, washing too much can result in stripping the natural oils in the hair and result in dryness. Talk to your Tease Hair Boutique stylist about the right balance for you.

Massage your scalp

Scalp massages are not only relaxing and soothing, but they also increase circulation to your scalp, resulting in better blood flow and hair growth. Most professionals recommend massaging your scalp once a week for 3-4 minutes, avoiding pulling and moving your fingers in a circular motion.

A balanced diet

Healthy hair growth starts within. Taking daily omega-3 fish oils can help nourish hair by stimulating circulation in the scalp. Eating more antioxidants increases overall health and reduces oxidative stress, which can result in affects on scalp and hair health. Gut health is also of the utmost importance since it’s so closely linked to your skin health (hello, scalp) and things like taking a daily probiotic could stimulate healthy hair growth as well. Talk to your doctor about what supplements may be right for you.

Use a scrub once a week

Scalp scrubs can help to remove impurities like product build up, bacteria, dead skin cells and oil. By incorporating this into your hair routine once a week, you are cleansing your scalp more often, which can result in unclogged follicles and increased hair growth and health. We’ve listed some of our favorites below.

Our favorite scalp health scrubs and products

Kèrastase Scrub Energisant Purifying Scalp Scrub

This deeply purifying and energizing scalp scrub uses sea salt for oil absorption and balance, vitamin B6 for moisture retention and salicylic acid to treat dry skin and ultimately rebalance the scalp. To use, simply apply to scalp and hair, massaging in and rinsing thoroughly.

Kèrastase Chronologiste Total Scalp Hair Revitalizing Hair Care Set

This wonder set includes a hair scrub to purify the scalp, a revitalizing shampoo for cleansing, and a moisturizing hair mask to restore balance to lengths and ends. Using ingredients like charcoal and hyaluronic acid for balance and moisture, use this set in order to purify, cleanse, and revitalize hair and scalp for ultimate hair health.

Kèrastase Bain Divalent Balancing Shampoo

This amino acid based, ultra-light shampoo is meant to balance scalp oiliness while removing impurities and odors for soft, shiny hair. Use is easy; apply to wet hair like you would any other shampoo, massage into hair and rinse. Follow up with a conditioning treatment for your ends to ensure you’re locking in moisture as well.

Kèrastase Masque rehydratant

Unlike heavier hair masks, this gel-masque is lightweight and instantly rebalances hair’s hydration to restore quality and detangle. Using amino acids and ceramides to condition and reduce breakage, this hair mask is perfect for adding moisture to your hair after cleansing. To use, simply apply to wet hair, massage, and rinse.

Kèrastase Argile Equilibrante cleansing clay

This purifying clay gently yet deeply cleanses the scalp, increasing sebum balance and removing pollution and impurities without stripping the hair. It has also been reported to increase volume while deeply cleansing and reducing tangles. To use, apply to the roots of wet hair and lather through lengths. Rinse thoroughly, repeating this process about once per week.

Kèrastase Potentialiste Hair & Scalp Serum

This antioxidant serum is the perfect product to promote healthy hair health for unbalanced scalps. With soothing properties that reduce dryness, itchiness, or discomfort, this product both hydrates and revitalizes hair while rebalancing the scalp. To use, fill the dropper and apply to a recently cleansed scalp. Massage into the scalp and continue, using about three droppers full across the scalp. Do not rinse.

Kèrastase Initaliste Scalp & Hair Serum

This advanced scalp and hair serum uses gluco peptides, wheat proteins and native plant cells to strengthen and grow hair fibers by restoring uniformity and smoothness. After seven days, users see a reduction in breakage and increase in shine for ultimately thicker, softer feeling hair. To use, apply 2-4 pipettes of the serum depending on your hair thickness to your scalp and message into the root.

Kèrastase Intensive scalp & thinning hair treatment

This intensive treatment can help improve the appearance of thinning hair while recapturing volume and increasing hair flexibility, all starting at the scalp. Using ingredients like arginine for increased blood flow to roots, glycerin for moisture retention and citric acid to improve scalp condition, this treatment should be used for a minimum of 6-8 weeks to see results. Apply to towel dried, clean hair and massage with fingertips into the scalp.

Bottom Line

Keeping your roots and ends healthy can feel like a constant battle; on one end, you don’t want to remove the moisture from your ends but on the other, you don’t want to wash too infrequently and cause imbalance on your scalp. By using the right products including scalp scrubs and shampoos/conditioners, you can promote both hair health and scalp health for longer, healthier hair.

If your scalp imbalance is serious or you’ve tried these techniques and they have not worked for you, we recommend consulting your doctor or a dermatologist to help get to the root of a problem and provide a solution. If you’re still unsure what products are best for you, ask your Tease Hair Boutique stylist during your next appointment!

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