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Our Favorite DIY Night-Out Hairstyles for all Ages

Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with a loved one or Galentine's Day with the ladies, we love an opportunity to get dolled up and feel our best. Unfortunately, the fourteenth falls on a Tuesday this year which means you may be coming from work or a long commute as you head out for the night.

To help you prepare, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite do-it-yourself hairstyles that take minutes and will get you glam-ready in minutes!

The Runway Blowout

Nothing says simple glam like this runway blowout, perfect for a night on the town. Start by rough-drying your hair upside-down, building volume at the roots. Once you’ve finished, use a large barrel curling iron (we recommend 1.5 inch minimum) and curl hair up and away from face. Leave the curls and allow them to fully cool before running your fingers back through your hair. Secure with a hairspray or texture spray and you’re ready to go!

Romantic Updo for Medium Length Hair

A simple low bun can easily feel fancy with a few face-framing pieces and some curls. After teasing hair for added volume, pull the majority of your hair into a low bun, leaving a few pieces out on the sides. Secure hair into a low bun, then take side pieces and loosely pull under the bun and over the top, securing ends into the top of the bun with a bobby pin. Repeat for the other side, then lightly pull at pieces of the bun to loosen. Curl remaining pieces around your face and add any decorative pins or clips before securing with hairspray.

Simple Top Knot

Probably the fastest style to achieve, the simple top knot is very trendy right now and adds elegance and tame to any look. Flip your head over and secure your hair with an elastic at the very top of your head. Gather the ponytail and twist, continuously wrapping. Secure hair with an elastic and/or bobby pins and voila! You’re done. Another option to add some flare is to braid all or half of the ponytail before twisting and wrapping.

Curly Side Pony

An elegant style for all ages, a curled side pony is easy to create. Start by loosely curling clean and dried hair, don’t brush out the curls. Pull hair into a side ponytail and secure with elastic, loosening and adding volume to the top as you please. If you’re really in a rush, you can also curl hair after you’ve secured it in a ponytail, hitting only the ends but creating that same elegant look. Secure with hairspray and you’re good to go.

The Rollback Pin-Up

A great alternative to a simple bun, the rollback pin-up is elegant and playful and easy to do in minutes. Start by adding a little texture to your hair with a texturizing spray, then lightly twist hair inwards and secure with bobby pins. This can be done in sections (like pictured) with locks secured at the base with bobby pins. Keep it loose and playful, pulling a few face-framing pieces out before finalizing with hair spray.

Boho Romance Half Up-Do

A super simple hairstyle that feels bohemian and free yet adds style is a half-updo with a bun. This style is ideal if your hair is a little greasy but you don’t have time to wash! Simply pull half of your hair back into a bun, wrapping and securing with an elastic or bobby pins. Pull out pieces around the face to frame, and loosen sides slightly. If you have time, add some curls to the remaining hair. There’s also the option to add a side-braid before putting hair up for extra drama and romance.

Textured Waves for Shoulder-Length Hair

We love the simplicity of a textured wave for shoulder length hair, and when it comes to getting ready fast it’s the perfect solution. Using a straightener, place pieces of hair between the plate, not necessarily starting at root but more toward the center of the shaft to achieve this look. Using both hands, angle the straightener down and lightly twist back, away from your face. Keeping the straightener at this angle, pull away from your face. Avoid wrapping too tightly unless you’re looking to achieve curls. Repeat on a few pieces to add waviness to dry hair.

Bottom Line

Always remember to use a heat protection product on your hair before styling to prevent damage, and make sure to set your tools to the appropriate setting for your hair (check out this article on heat tool settings and our favorite heat protectant products). If you’re hoping to make it in for a hair appointment or blowout before your big plans, make sure to book an appointment at Tease Hair Boutique sooner than later!

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