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Stylist Spotlight: Meet Cassie Taylor

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Say hello to Cassie Taylor, a level five hair stylist and South Shore native who joined the Tease Hair Boutique team in May of 2020. Growing up in Plymouth, Cassie decided at an early age she wanted to be a stylist and attended the Plymouth South High School Cosmetology Program. After graduation, Cassie landed a job at Lord and Lady’s Hair Salon where she gained experience for seven years before moving on to a new position with Fisher Experience. After three more years of experience with Fisher, Cassie decided she was ready for a new challenge.

With over ten years of hair styling experience under her belt, Cassie came into Tease Hair Boutique for an interview and immediately fell in love with the culture.

“I loved the atmosphere,” Cassie elaborates, “everyone just seemed so happy to be there!”

Cassie has been working at Tease Hair Boutique since, making a name for herself as she continues to attract new clients. Cassie is certified in all extension services, Brazilian Blowout, Keratin Treatments, Advanced Color Courses and she holds an in-depth understanding of the Kerastase line. When it comes to specialties, Cassie is particularly talented with foils, working quickly and meticulously to ensure the best possible outcome. Cassie’s decision to become a stylist was fueled by her ability to have a positive impact on the lives of others.

“I love making people feel beautiful!” Cassie exclaims, “The happiness they emanate when they really feel good about themselves makes me feel amazing. It’s so nice to be a positive part of people’s lives.”

Cassie believes a good stylist should possess the ability to communicate with clients, especially if there are unrealistic expectations.

“In the beginning of my career, I always said yes to everything. Clients would come in and ask for things that sometimes weren’t possible, and they’d be disappointed with the results.” Cassie explains, “As I developed in my career, I realized it’s best to set accurate expectations as we work towards their hair goals. People are much happier when they know what to expect from the beginning.”

Cassie has been making a name for herself across the South Shore since. Despite her decision to work in cosmetology at a young age, Cassie also possesses a passion for animals that almost took her down a different career path. As a child, she thought about becoming a Veterinarian before deciding to attend cosmetology school.

“I have always loved animals,” says Cassie, “We have a lot of rescue animals at home, and in my off-time I enjoy playing with my fur babies. I have thought about someday having my own animal rescue; maybe when I have more time later in life, but I have no intention of leaving the beauty industry anytime soon!”

Apart from spending time with her rescue animals, Cassie likes to keep busy when she’s not at the salon. As a fitness and nutrition enthusiast, Cassie is always looking for ways to stay active and healthy. She also enjoys spending her days off with her family or a good book, and she’s actually in the process of remodeling her home with her husband.

Cassie also enjoys adventuring to new places; if you come in for an appointment with Cassie, make sure to ask her about Punta Cana, her favorite vacation spot where she spent her honeymoon!

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