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The Art of Blowouts (and How to Make Them Last!)

Updated: Apr 28, 2022

I think we can all agree that there is nothing like that ‘just left the salon and I’m feeling like a celebrity’ vibe. No matter what services you’re getting done, it’s a combination of the pampering and the professional touch that make you want to go somewhere and show off your salon-created look. In most cases, your salon visit ends with the blow drying and light styling of your hair, or a blowout as they’re commonly called.

Depending on your hair type and texture (click the links to learn more about fine/thin, coarse/thick or curly hair types on the Tease Hair Boutique blog) a blowout can last anywhere from 2-7 days generally with proper care. The professionals at Tease Hair Boutique have also pulled together a list of tips and tricks to elongate the life of your blowout, giving you more days of that ‘fresh out of the salon’ look and feel!

What is a blowout

First, let’s start with the basics. As mentioned, a blowout is the art of blow drying hair after it's been washed into the desired style. With a blowout, you can create curly, straight, or even subtle wavy looks without the use of heat styling tools like straighteners and curling irons.

A blowout is also the perfect opportunity for your stylist to see the final outcome of your new cut and color since hair looks much different when wet versus dry and styled. If you get a service like a Brazilian blowout, the blowout itself is quite literally part of the process as styling is how the makeup of the hair is altered into a smoother state.

The art of a blowout

When it comes to the art of blowouts, your stylist starts by using specific shampoo and conditioner for your hair type and desired style. After hair has been towel dried, heat protection is applied from mid-shaft to ends to reduce breakage during styling. Depending on your hair type, additional products such as volume mousse or shine sprays or oils may be added.

Stylists then work section by section, blow drying hair into the desired style with the use of a round brush. Depending on the length, texture and volume of your hair as well as your desired looks, your stylist will use different size round brushes and tools. Once hair is completely dry, your stylist will add products like texture or finishing spray to help preserve your look and give your hair volume and shine.

The benefits of a blowout

While we’ve covered a few benefits to getting a blowout like showing off your new hairstyle and less time spent in front of the mirror trying to style your hair, the major one that we haven’t covered is that it’s actually better for your hair.

Sure, there is obviously heat used in blow drying hair, but with heat protection used and their longer-lasting nature, you go longer between needing to use harsher styling tools like straighteners and curling irons, ultimately reducing the damage to hair caused by using such tools. On top of that, blowouts are typically finished off with cooler air - which locks the hair shaft and helps to prevent split ends while giving your hair a shinier, softer look.

Tips for making your blowout last longer

Whether you’re getting a blowout at the salon or attempting your own at home, with proper care and a few insider tips, blowouts can last up to a week! Here are a few recommendations from the team at Tease Hair Boutique on how to elongate the life of your blowout.

It starts with the right products

If you’re getting your hair done at the salon, your Tease Hair Boutique stylist will use products that are right for your hair type. If you have fine or thin hair, a lightweight volume mousse will do the trick - just be careful not to use too much or it could weigh the hair down. For thicker hair prone to frizz, a moisturizing and styling treatment will keep flyaways at bay. As always, as your THB stylist for a recommendation next time you’re in!

Bedtime care

The best way to avoid bedhead kinks and flatness is to either pin or pile your hair up at night. For some hair types, a loose messy bun with a non-kinking tie like a scrunchy will keep roots voluminous and ends from kinking. For others, a silk wrap can be used at night to keep hair from frizz caused by friction against your pillow- and as always we recommend silk pillow cases.

In some cases, you may want to wrap and pin your hair in sections on top of your head to keep the waviness you’ve been craving while keeping roots voluminous.

Sweating & showering

At the root of it, moisture and blowouts do not mix (see what we did there?) but that doesn’t mean you need to avoid sweating to keep your blowout intact. Keep hair in a high ponytail or loose bun when working out and use an absorbent headband to help soak up some of the moisture.

The same rule applies when it comes to showering as moisture to the roots can cause hair to become flat. Use a shower cap when possible and if you have finer hair, we recommend a terry cloth lined shower cap to help absorb some of the steam-created moisture. If the hair around your face and neck gets wet, use a round brush and blow dry the areas.

Keeping your look fresh

Obviously after a day or two you’ll start to get oily, and as always to avoid this you can use dry shampoo to help absorb the oil. Get ahead of the oiliness by applying a little to your scalp before bed, but be careful not to use too much or this could cause buildup and an imbalanced scalp, ultimately affecting hair growth. If your ends become a little brittle, use a dry conditioner or light oil to refresh your ends, avoiding overuse.

Before you head out the door, make sure to complete your look with a little hairspray or finishing spray to rejuvenate volume and hold while adding shine and texture.

Bottom Line

With a little extra effort (and dry shampoo) you can make your blowout last longer for easier morning routines and less damage to your hair. Next time you visit the salon, ask your stylist for product recommendations for your hair type and even tips on how to do your own blowouts at home.

That fresh-hair feeling that doesn't need to be reserved for bi-monthly hair appointments; book an appointment with your stylist and come in for a professional blowout!

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