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Why You Should Take Advantage of the Tease Loyalty Program

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Like most salons, Tease Hair Boutique of Norwell offers a loyalty program to its customers that rewards them for being a part of the Tease community. Simple actions like buying products in the salon and referring friends can earn you points redeemable for money off future purchases!

How It Works

Depending on the action, Tease Hair Boutique customers will receive a number of points that they can redeem towards products. Check out the guide below to see how many points are rewarded for each action.

For every 10 points accrued, a client is rewarded $1 to redeem toward future product purchases at Tease. While this may not sound like much to start, these points can quickly add up and some actions will yield more points at once.

To put this into perspective, referring a friend to Tease Hair Boutique will result in $20 redeemable at your next appointment, and simple actions like choosing to pre book your appointment or buy your products directly from Tease will earn you more points off future product purchases, too!

Why You Should Refer a Friend

You'll automatically receive 200 points for your referral, which is $20 toward your next product purchase at Tease. All first time visitors will receive $20 off a service of $65 or more, or 20% services less than $65.

Not only will you be saving yourself money, but your friends and family too, and there is no limit on how many people you can refer. To make a referral, simply ask your friend or family member to put your name as the referrer on their paperwork during their first visit, and the team at Tease will make sure you’re given credit!

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