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30 Easy Ways to Look & Feel Sexy at the Beach

Whether you’re preparing for a beach vacation or simply a day off with some salt and sand, we all want to feel sexy and confident while soaking in the sun. Beachy waves, tan skin and the right bathing suit are a great place to start, but the Tease Hair Boutique team went deeper than that to pull together a list of THIRTY of our favorite beach hacks for looking and feeling great before, during, and after a beach day. Check them out!

Before the beach

1. Get a Manicure

Sunny yellows, pastel pinks, or ocean blues; we love summer nail colors. Opt for a performance nail polish like OPI Shine or Dazzle Dry to withstand the water and sand.

2. Get a Pedicure

It’s been a long winter, we get it. A pedicure will help get your feet in tip top shape for the beach!

3. Get a Smoothing Treatment

A smoothing treatment can help tame frizz while sealing split ends and restoring the health of your hair. Your Tease Hair Boutique stylist can recommend a treatment that’s right for you.

4. Get a Trim

Split ends are so last season. By getting a trim before your beach day, your hair will look and feel healthy while preventing additional breakage!

5. Lash Lift & Tint

If you’re going for that makeup-less look at the beach, we recommend getting an eyelash lift and tint for dark, curled lashes. Find a reputable place near you or talk to friends for recommendations.

6. Brow Shape & Tint

If you haven’t gone recently, have your eyebrows shaped and tinted before the beach to achieve that makeupless, great brow look.

7. Exfoliate & Shave

Shave or wax to your personal grooming preference and make sure to exfoliate for lustrous, beautiful skin.

8. Use Self Tanner or Get a Spray Tan

Hit the beach with a healthy glow by getting a spray tan or using an at-home self tanner. Make sure to give yourself enough time for the tan to set in to avoid rinsing it off completely, and try to shower before the beach to remove excess tanner to avoid stained towels or running tans!

At the beach

9. Use Sunscreen

We get it, we get it - you want to leave the beach a glowing goddess with sun-kissed skin (we do too). After a long winter, our skin needs time to adjust to UV rays and sunburns not only hurt, but they age skin faster and can result in sun spots. Opt for a waterproof sunscreen and make sure to reapply to face and body to avoid a burn.

10. Use Scalp Sunscreen

It’s easy to forget about, but our scalps can get sunburnt too - especially for those of us with finer hair. A powdered scalp sunscreen like this one will help prevent burns while adding body to your hair!

11. Find the Right Bathing Suit

Every body is different, and that means there is no one-size-fits-all solution to finding the right bathing suit for you. Check out this article by Cosmo to help you find something that makes you feel confident and sexy (with tan lines in mind).

12. Wear a Sarong or Cover Up

Once you’ve found the right bathing suit, it’s not too difficult to find a Sarong or cover up to complete the outfit.

13. Accessorize!

Add some dangling earrings, bracelets, a long necklace or whatever you prefer to your beach ensemble for a boho look with some glitz and glam.

14. Wear the Right Footwear

Heels may not be your best bet - and with hot sand you definitely want something that makes it easy to walk around. Opt for a pair of sturdy flip flops or sandals for a day in the sand.

15. Wet Hair with Fresh Water

Before submerging in salt water, wet your hair with fresh water to avoid soaking up salt and drying out your strands.

16. Kérastase Crème UV Sublime Hair Creme

Protect your hair from the sun by using a UV protective creme like this one by Kérastase that controls frizz, prevents breakage and protects hair.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

17. Kérastase Huile Sirene Hair Oil Mist

Stepping out of the water, add some nourishment and protection to your strands with this hair oil by Kérastase that promotes healthy hair while adding moisture and softening for beachy waves.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

18. Use a Wide Tooth Comb

While salt water can have benefits for your scalp and hair, it can also cause tangles and dryness. Avoid brushing when wet to avoid additional breakage, and instead opt for a wide tooth comb to use with your after beach mist to add moisture and remove tangles.

19. Use a Texture Spray

Use a texture spray at the beach to boost volume for beachy waves like this fan favorite from Shu Uemura- Texture Wave Spray.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

20. Outline your Abs with Oil

Here’s a fun little beach hack - if you’re wearing a bikini, use a little bit of tanning or body oil to outline your abs to give yourself a more trim look.

21. Waterproof Mascara

For those who choose to wear makeup to the beach - we highly recommend a waterproof version to avoid runny mascara when sweating or swimming.

22. Tinted Balm or Lip Stain (SPF encouraged!)

Another great way to get a naturally beautiful look at the beach is by using a natural lip stain or tinted balm. We also highly recommend using a top coat of SPF chapstick if your lip balm doesn’t have it to avoid burnt, cracking lips.

23. Bring Deodorant

Some of us may feel sexy from our natural scent but in the sun, salt and sand you’re bound to get a little sweaty! We recommend packing some baby wipes and deodorant to freshen up throughout the day.

24. Wear a Cute Hat

Whether you’re a floppy beach hat or baseball cap kind of gal, it’s important to keep your scalp, hair and face protected from the sun. After a few hours in the sun, switch up your look and protect yourself by simply adding a hat to your ensemble.

25. Drink Plenty of Water!

Most importantly on our list is to stay hydrated! Hydration affects how you look and feel, and you will definitely need a lot of water when spending the day in the sun. Pack plenty of water and electrolytes to stay hydrated, especially if your beach plans include alcohol!

After the Beach

26. Rinse the Salt, Sunscreen, & Sweat Off

Even if you don’t swim, your skin and hair have been in the elements all day and have most likely picked up some salty air and sand. Shower when you get home to remove these drying agents and any leftover sunblock.

27. Kérastase Bain Soleil Shampoo

Remove the residue of salt and sand by using this amazing-smelling shampoo by Kérastase. This product uses coconut water and vitamin E to rehydrate your lengths for healthy, shiny, protected hair.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair Boutique

28. Kérastase Soleil Masque Après-Soleil

Add moisture and revitalize your hair after the beach with this intensely nourishing hair mask. Apply to wet hair and leave on for 5-10 minutes before rinsing for smooth, shiny hair.

Available for purchase at Tease Hair B

29. Do a Face Mask

Hydrate and revitalize your skin after sun exposure by doing a face mask to end your beach day. Avoid anything exfoliant (sand and salt do that naturally!) and opt for a hydrating facial mask.

30. Moisturize Skin

We give our hair and face a lot of attention, but we can’t forget the rest of our bodies! We hope you don’t need aloe after a beach day, but any type of hydrating skin cream is important to prevent dryness and peeling.

In addition to these fun beach tips, make sure to check out our June blog post on how to keep your hair healthy and protected during the summer months. Here’s to many more beach days to come, and we hope everyone stays happy and healthy throughout the warm Summer months!

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