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Essential Tips for a Smooth Wedding Day Beauty Plan

From selecting a location to who you want to invite and what you’re going to do for food-  planning a wedding can be a lot of work. It doesn’t matter if you’re eloping, hosting a small ceremony, or going all out to celebrate with 200+ of your closest loved ones, one thing remains consistent: we want to look good on our wedding day. 

As you begin to think about hair and makeup, there are some important considerations that go beyond who will do it and how much it will cost. Our stylists at Tease Hair Boutique have provided some tips and tricks for things to consider when it comes to planning your wedding day hair!

What to consider when selecting a hairstyle

You may have a hairstyle in mind for your big day, but there are a few important considerations to think about when it comes to selecting your style!

Location & Climate

When it comes to planning for your hair, location and climate matter. If your wedding is in a more humid climate and you have hair that's prone to frizz or your ceremony is on top of a windy mountain, you’ll want to factor this into your styling decision.


Similar to location and climate, seasonality can have a huge affect on the conditions on your wedding day, in turn having an affect on your hair. Is it the rainy season? If so, does your venue have a backup ceremony location in case it’s pouring or what is the plan? Or do they experience above-average levels of humidity at a certain time of year? Again, understanding what you’re dealing with from a location and climate perspective as well as what could happen from a seasonality perspective is important to avoid stress on your big day!

First looks and getting there

A sometimes overlooked detail is the travel from the salon or your hotel to the location of your first look or ceremony. Is there a long walk to get to the scenic location where you’ll be taking photos? Or will you be riding in an open golf cart across a course to get to your ceremony? Be aware of what it takes to get to this location for both a scheduling and time perspective and also to prepare yourself and your bridal party. 

To trial or not to trial 

We will keep this one short and sweet; if you’re able to meet up with your beauty team and do a hair and makeup trial, then do the trial. That way, you’ll be able to give feedback and make adjustments beforehand. Our goal is to make you feel beautiful on your wedding day, and the last thing your beauty team would want is for you to be unhappy with how your hair or makeup came out on your big day! 

What to consider when selecting a hair/beauty team

As you begin to plan for your wedding day beauty team, there are a couple of important factors that you should consider. 

Size of your party

Is it just you getting your hair done the morning of your wedding, or you plus eight bridesmaids, two mothers and two grandmothers? When it comes to planning for your wedding day beauty team, size does matter. When speaking to potential vendors, let them know your party size and what time you’ll need to be ready by. What time your ceremony starts and if you’re doing a first look and photos ahead of time will affect what time you’ll need to be ready by. 

To avoid morning-of chaos, our rule of thumb is a minimum of 2 stylists doing hair for 6-8 people in a 5 hour window. Remember this is just for hair; if your vendor is also doing makeup you’ll want additional people on site!

Travel and proximity

When selecting your wedding day hair team, it’s important to first consider where you’re getting married. First and foremost, do you plan to visit the salon the morning of your wedding? Or would you prefer to have your hair done at your hotel or venue? You’ll want to check with salons as you’re vetting them to understand if they’ll travel and how far. 

 If they do travel and your venue is within a couple of hours of your preferred salon, be conscious that you’ll probably need to pay a travel fee and potentially overnight lodging depending on the distance.

Reviews and recommendations

In an ideal world, you’d have the opportunity to use a salon that you know and trust for your wedding day beauty needs. However, if your wedding isn’t exactly close to home you’ll likely need to select a beauty team you may be unfamiliar with. When reviewing vendors, pay close attention to reviews across sites like the Knot, Yelp, Google Business Page and Facebook. 

You’ll probably start by reviewing photos to understand their style and skill level, but make sure to look for mention of things like punctuality, scheduling, and overall customer service as well.

Preparations for the big day

Now that you’ve found your beauty team and selected your hair style you’re in good shape, however there are a few more things to consider that will help things run smoothly on your big day. 

Making the schedule

If your beauty team is doing hair and makeup for a group, you’ll want to create a loose schedule to keep things moving. First and foremost, as the bride most hair stylists will want to start with you. Depending on your selected style, you may need curlers applied or an earlier start on your look. Either way, going first gives you plenty of time for changes if need be and touch ups at the very end to ensure your hair is perfect. 

Next, have a running list of who is getting their hair and makeup done and put them in an order so they each know who they’ll be getting their hair and makeup done after. This will avoid the awkward silence of “who is going next?” and hold everyone accountable to know when they’re on deck and when they’re up next. 

How to show up 

Your stylist will likely give you instructions on how they’d like you to show up depending on your selected hair style, but in most cases you’ll want to arrive with clean, dry hair. If you have naturally curly hair, we’d recommend blowing your hair out so that it is straight and ready to work with upon arrival. 

Adding extensions

If you’re planning to add extensions for some extra length or volume on your big day, let your stylist know ahead of time. Most stylists will opt to apply them for you, but ideally you’ll show up with clean, dry, and mostly straight hair extensions ready to be applied. 

Touch up products and tips

While morning-of mimosas and hanging with your girls for five hours can be incredibly fun, you’ll all want to look fresh and ready for your ceremony and wedding photos when the time comes. Keeping a few key products on hand will help for last minute touch ups, including makeup setting spray like this one by Urban Decay and finishing hairspray like Laque Couture Anti-Frizz Hairspray by Kerastase. Your beauty team will likely apply a little last minute lipstick and hairspray before sending you on your way, but it's great to be prepared for touch ups throughout the evening. 

Bottom Line

While you can do everything you can to prepare for the unexpected on your big day, the most important thing to remember is why you’re there and that certain things are out of your control. But by putting time and a little extra thought into your beauty team, you’ll feel confident and calm getting ready on your wedding day. 

At Tease Hair Boutique, we specialize in wedding hair services, ensuring that every bride looks and feels stunning on her wedding day. Our expert stylists offer personalized consultations and a range of bridal hairstyles to complement each bride’s unique vision, creating a perfect finishing touch for a memorable wedding celebration. 

Call the salon at 781-659-0800 to learn more about booking Tease Hair Boutique for your wedding day!

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