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Top Trending Hair Styles for Women 50+

As we gracefully age, our hairstyles can serve as powerful statements of confidence, individuality, and timeless elegance. For women navigating the vibrant landscape of their fifties and beyond, the journey towards discovering the perfect hairstyle is an exhilarating adventure filled with endless possibilities.

In this article, we delve into how hair changes as we get older, and the artistry of hair transformations for the modern woman over 50!

How hair changes as you age

Hair goes through various changes as we age due to factors such as hormonal shifts, genetics, and lifestyle. While these shifts tend to affect everyone differently, here are a few common changes that are a natural part of aging. 

Decreased hair growth

As we get older, the growth rate of our hair tends to slow down, leading to slower regrowth after shedding. This can not only lead to longer time between haircuts, but can also contribute to overall thinning and reduced volume. 

Loss of pigmentation

Loss of pigment, or in simpler terms going gray, is a natural occurrence as the production of melanin, the pigment responsible for hair color, decreases over time. Hair may then turn gray, silver, or white, and the rate of graying varies depending on the individual. 


As mentioned above, hair thinning is a common occurrence as we age as our hair growth rate decreases and our hair follicles shrink, resulting in thinner and finer hair. This thinning can occur gradually over time and may be more noticeable in certain areas, such as the crown or the temples. 

Reduced elasticity and changing texture

Hair elasticity may decrease, resulting in hair that is more prone to breakage. This can result in an increase in frizz and split ends, which may make hair styling more difficult. We also often see changes in the texture of new growth, often due to factors like hormonal changes, reduced oil production in the scalp, and environmental damage.

Tips for managing changing hair 

While hair changes due to aging may sound grim, fortunately there are some things you can do to support your locks as you get older. 

Cut back on stress

While there are often many factors in our day that cause us stress, cutting back on allowing this stress into our lives can have incredible effects on our bodies and our hair. Things like mindful breathing, frequent breaks, going for walks and/or exercising, and meditation have been proven to reduce levels and in turn the release of cortisol.

Eat a balanced diet

A balanced diet contains fruits, vegetables, dairy grains and proteins and offers vitamins and minerals that are key to healthy hair growth.

Take Nutrafol Balance

Designed for women 45+ who are experiencing hair thinning caused by aging, Nutrafol Women’s Balance is clinically proven to target key roots of hair thinning triggered by menopause. The recommended dose of Nutrafol is four pills daily, boasting 100% of women showed improvement in hair after 9 months of use. Available at Tease Hair Boutique, this dermatologist recommended supplement can help slow the effects of aging on hair. 

Get extensions 

Spoiler alert: Hair extensions are for more than just length! If you’re experiencing thinning in certain areas of your hair, your stylist can apply hair extensions to add volume to your look. Simply let your stylist know that you’d like to add some volume during your next hair appointment and they can book a consultation!

Try a new look 

While there are many styles out there to try, we’ve pulled together a list of our five favorite trending hairstyles for women over 50 that are easy to manage, flattering, and reflect personal style. 

Top five trending hairstyles for women over 50

Asymmetrical pixie haircut

A bolder choice with an edgier look, this hairstyle features more length in the front and shorter sides. The uneven length framing the face offers a sleeker, more modern style while adding fullness to hair. 

Flipped Layered bob

A timeless look, layered bobs suit fine hair particularly well by adding dimension and making hair look thicker. Popularly styled straight or curled under, this flipped approach adds even more volume by curling certain layers in and others out. 

Long Bob Blunt cut

Another great style for women over 50 is the blunt cut, where hair is all cut to the same length to show density and add volume. The long bob sans layers is a modern, youthful look that can be bulked up with face-framing extensions and personalized to your liking!

Shoulder length waves

A full and playful look, shoulder length waves similarly offers a blunt cut with added volume and texture for fuller looking hair. An easy-to-manage style, shoulder length waves are easy to dress up or dress down depending on your plans!

Gray highlights

While some women opt to cover their gray for a younger look, another trendy and low maintenance approach is to embrace the gray through highlights! Depending on the hue of your growth, your stylist can recommend a highlight color that will add texture and a youthful, playful look!

Bottom Line

Whether you’re embracing the natural evolution on gray or daring to experiment with bold new cuts and colors, there are so many fun and youthful options for women in their fifties and beyond. If you’re unsure which cut and/or color combo may be right for you, consult your Tease Hair Boutique stylist during your new appointment!

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