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Stylist Spotlight: Meet Natasha Dossantos

In this month’s Stylist Spotlight we’re excited to introduce you to Natasha Dossantos, an Associate and Level One Hair Stylist who recently joined the Tease Hair Boutique team. Growing up in Taunton, Natasha always knew she wanted to be a stylist and completed her cosmetology training at Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical High School. Upon graduating, she gained experience in different areas of the beauty industry, including hair styling and the art of waxing before finding her way to Tease Hair Boutique. 

“When I first visited Tease I immediately loved how passionate the team was”, Natasha recalls, “They really worked as a team and made sure I felt welcomed.”

Natasha also loved the educational aspects of working at Tease. A teaching salon, Natasha joined with great experience that allowed her to excel quickly through the onboarding process. Moving at her own pace, Natasha gained hands-on experience as an associate, getting comfortable before beginning to take her own clients on as a Level One Stylist.

“The focus on education is great” says Natasha, “you’re given the time and training to slowly make your way onto the floor feeling ready and comfortable.”

Natasha loves what she does, and feels passionate about making people feel beautiful. She describes the satisfaction in the process of transformation; helping a client reach their hair goals and having a hand in bringing them to life. She enjoys continuous learning and staying up to date on the latest hair trends as well as gaining experience in new techniques, taking chances and continuously building her knowledge. With a variety of certifications including Brazilian Blowouts, Balayage, cuts and colors and more, Natasha’s next aspired challenge is to become certified in hair extensions. 

When she’s not at the salon, Natasha spends her down time reading, watching movies, and spending time with her son, family and friends. She loves to be outdoors, going for walks or hikes whenever she can. She also enjoys traveling, specifically to anywhere warm and with a beach. Next time you’re at Tease Hair Boutique, make sure to give Natasha a warm welcome!

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