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Our 7 Favorite Hair-inspired Halloween Costumes

With Halloween right around the corner, you’ve probably secured your plans but may still be deciding on what you’d like to dress up as. This year, we thought it would be fun to pull together a list of our favorite halloween hairstyles to spark your costume inspiration. Below you’ll find our top seven favorite costume-inspired halloween hair-do’s for this year.

While these can all be done without the use of hair color or wigs, if you plan to implement some color into your costume make sure to check out our article on Halloween Hair Dye do’s and don’ts to find the best option for your costume needs!

Halloween Costumes inspired by hairstyles

1. Princess Leia

Source: Vogue

With all of the Star Wars movies and spin offs coming out over the past couple years, Princess Leia is double-bun back and a popular pick for this year. This iconic look is defined by the princess herself, inspiring future trends across space characters (hey, Zenon) and adaptations of the space buns over time.

How to style: Section your hair down the middle from forehead to neck, pulling hair into two separate sections and securing with elastics above the ear. Starting on one side, add a texturizing cream and gently twist your hair until it is loosely but securely twisted. Once you’ve reached this stage, begin by wrapping your hair around the elastic, covering your ear if your hair permits. Secure the bun with hair pins and repeat on the other side before finishing up with hair spray.

2. Pennywise the Clown

Who doesn’t love to get a little creative with some cultures’ most iconic horror movie icons? Pennywise, the child-eating evil clown from the hit movie IT, offers a fun twist on a well-known killer clown with simple and spooky makeup to match. A versatile look that’s up for interpretation, bring your Pennywise look to life with these fluffy high buns.

How to style: Section your hair off, pulling your bangs or face-framing pieces of hair forward and securing momentarily. Part your hair down the middle from scalp to neck, then brush each section up and out, securing into pigtails about two inches above your ear. Take the top two thirds of a pigtail, fanning it out and wrapping loosely, securing it with bobby pins. Allow the ends of the loose bun to hang. Repeat this process on the other side, then use a curler or waver to add subtle texture to the hanging pieces and ends. Secure with hairspray and fluff for a wilder look.

3. Cinderella

Channel your inner princess with an easy Cinderella updo for Halloween. This sweet and innocent look is easy to accomplish and pairs perfectly with some subtle makeup. All you will need is a baby blue headband, which often comes with your Cinderella costume if you’re not DIY-ing it.

How to style: There are a couple options for styling into a Cinderella updo, which you’ll see in the video below! For the simplest approach, Part your hair to one side and pull about two inches of hair forward from your face on the parted side. Allowing the hair to round forward, tuck this hair behind your ear and bobby pin. Pull the rest of your hair back and straight out, twisting your hair and slowly moving your twist up, using your other hand to keep the twist in place. Once you’ve twisted to the top of your head, secure the twist with bobby pins. Take the remaining ends and tease them forward, twisting your ends underneath and pinning at the top of your head. Cover with your headband and secure with hairspray and bibbidi-bobbidi-boo!

4. Alien Space Buns

Source: Sally Beauty

Space Buns have been all the rage this year for everything from concerts and festivals to runway shows and date nights. Easy to do with a playful vibe, spice up your alien costume with some space buns. You can also add root color (check out our favorite temporary hair color gel) and sparkles to spice it up more!

How to style: Start by parting your hair from the center of your forehead to the nape of your neck. Starting with one section, brush your hair up and back, securing your buns about 3 inches above your ear. Wrap your hair with the elastic like you’re putting in a pigtail, however on the last wrap do not pull your hair all the way through. Fluff the bun by pulling on little pieces, using bobby pins to secure the buns how you’d like. Wrap and pin the ends loosely around the bun. Finish off with some fun glitter or color!

5. Morticia, The Addams Family

Source: Byrdie

Sexy meets spooky with Moritica Addams and her classic sleek hair and slim curves look. Whether you’re flying solo or looking for a fun couples costume (hey, Gomez), the Morticia look screams Halloween and is equally as easy to pull off.

How to style: To accomplish Morticia’s jet-black-dead-straight hair, you’ll need a flat iron and perhaps some temporary hair color. For natural brunettes, check out the list of recommended temporary hair sprays, gels, and makeups to make your hair a tint darker. For blondes, we’d recommend a wig to avoid accidental pigmentation from temporary color. To accomplish this look, part your hair down the middle, straightening in sections until hair is sleek all over.

6. Black Swan

Source: FHI Heat

Sophisticated and sexy, the black swan costume combines the innocence of a ballerina with the allure and mystery of the black swan. This look is super simple to accomplish, with a ballerina bun that keeps your hair out of your face while looking chic.

How to style: For this look, we’d recommend the use of some strong hold gel and a bun maker. Start by applying gel to your hair, combing through and pulling your hair into a high ponytail. After you’ve secured your ponytail, use your bun maker for volume and shape as you wrap your hair around, securing with bobby pins. Voila! You’re ready to go.

7. Mermaid

Source: Cosmopolitan

Mermaid hair is a sought after look by many women even outside of the spooky season, but during Halloween is a great time to style and spice it up! Sea-swept waves and glimmery hair pieces pair well with colorful makeup to achieve this mermaid look.

How to style: For this look, start with a deep side part and beach waves. Depending on your hair composition, waves can be styled through natural air-drying, braids, a waving tool, or even use of a straightener. Texture spray helps provide volume while hairspray helps hold pieces in place. Use bobby pins to pin hair back in places as you’d like, even adding braids and twists to one side. Add a decorative starfish or seashell to complete your look.

Bottom Line

With only a few days left until Halloween, these styles are great options for last-minute costumes that feel feminine and fun! Wishing everyone a safe and happy Halloween this year, and don’t forget to book your holiday appointments at Tease Hair Boutique!

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