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Tease Hair Boutique Donates Over $500 to Meals on Wheels and Offers Product Delivery during Pandemic

Like most small businesses, the pandemic brought on a wave of challenges for Tease Hair Boutique when COVID-19 swept the nation in March. As people stocked up on supplies and took to their homes in preparation for the unknown, the team at Tease continued to work, taking additional precautions as they cared for clients with one eye on the news. 

When Governor Baker officially announced that all non-essential businesses were required to close on March 23rd, Tease Hair Boutique owner Heather Silva and her team canceled all upcoming appointments and closed the doors, unsure when they would be able to re-open. 

“It really was a terrifying feeling,” Heather admits, “but our primary goal was to keep our clients and stylists healthy and safe.” 

While concerns around her business and stylist well-being were top of mind, Heather also looked for ways to support her community. As a local business, Tease Hair Boutique has deep roots in Norwell and the surrounding community, and is always looking for ways to make a positive impact. Heather decided to offer product delivery to local clients to ensure they had what they needed while the salon remained closed, and she realized quickly how important these deliveries services are. 

“While our clients range drastically in age, some of our clientele are elderly and considered high risk.” says Heather, “while delivering products, it really dawned on me how important delivery services are during the pandemic, especially for the high risk community.” 

That’s when Tease Hair Boutique decided to donate 10% of all product delivery profits to Meals on Wheels, a charity focused on delivering meals to the elderly at home. With one in four seniors living alone in the United States, and over 5.5 million considered food insecure, the need for this service has been higher than ever and will only continue to grow as age expectancy goes up in the next decade. With financial issues and immobility for seniors already an enormous concern, COVID-19 has only made the need for these services even greater.

Armed with this knowledge, the Tease Hair Boutique team joined the fight to end senior hunger as they shared this promotion across their social media channels and with their client list. 

By the end of the promotion, Tease Hair Boutique was able to donate a total of $513 to Meals on Wheels, a charity that has the ability to serve meals to a senior for an entire year for about the same cost as just one day in a hospital, or ten days in a nursing home.

“We were so grateful for the support from our clients and community,” states Heather, “and look forward to making these types of promotions a part of our business as we look for new ways to make a positive impact on our community.”

Tease Hair Boutique is now open at limited capacity for clients appointments, and plans to continue making safety and community support their top priority. To stay up to date on community driven promotions, make sure to follow Tease on Facebook and Instagram

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