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Bangs are Back & We’ve Made a List of Trending Styles & What to Know

From ancient Egypt to medieval Spain to the early 1920’s; over the years bangs have come and gone in and out of style more times than we can probably count. 2022 was no exception as they made their way back into the spotlight, showcasing the various ways to wear them and making current trends feel more modern and unique.

But we’re not too quick to forget our own personal history with bangs; the impulse cut (sometimes at our own hand) that has left us with a hairstyle we can’t wait to grow out as we find ourselves toying with the idea of getting bangs yet again. Understandably so, as bangs can have a dramatic effect on the shape of your face depending on the style you choose.

Fortunately, this time we’re armed with more information on what works for different face shapes, and of course if you’re unsure what might work you can always ask your Tease Hair Boutique stylist. But to get you started, we’ve pulled together a list of our favorite bangin’ styles for different hair types and face shapes.

Different Styles & What’s Trending

Bottleneck Bangs

Our favorite versatile bang, the bottleneck bang can be pulled off with any face shape, hair texture, and length. Longer bangs that taper and split at the center framing the face, these bangs add volume and look absolutely adorable with a high ponytail or any updo.

Curtain Bangs

Similar to bottleneck bangs, curtain bangs split at the center and tend to be longer and less tapered. This look frames the face and goes great with longer hair, adding style while easy to maintain. While this bang looks good on most, we’d recommend avoiding this haircut if you have a round face or square jaw line as this can accentuate those features.

Side Swept Bangs

Is anyone else having flashbacks to the early 2000’s? Side swept bangs have made a major comeback in 2023, less dramatic than before and great for all ages. Best for round or oval face shapes, side swept bangs are incredibly versatile and even easier to style.

Short Bangs

Also known as micro-bangs or baby bangs, short bangs are very trendy right now and add unique style to any haircut. Best for oval faces, short bangs can be styled in a variety of ways to change your look slightly depending on the day. This modern look goes great with straight or wavy hair at any length.

Crescent Bangs

Crescent bangs, or half-moon bangs, are similar to curtain bangs but with less of a part. Shorter in the center and tapering off in a wispy fashion, crescent bangs add style and work best for heart shaped faces. This wispy and playful look goes great with wavy hair and are easy to style.

Curly Bangs

We are in love with curly bangs and their playful ode to natural coils. Curly bangs are best suited for oblong, heart shaped or diamond face shapes, but it’s best to avoid for oval face shapes as they can accentuate this feature and make it more pronounced. Obviously best for curly, coiled hair, curly bangs look great with mid-length to longer curls.

So should you get bangs?

Seeing these options may have made up your mind, but before you hit the chair for a new look we want to make sure we talk through the pro’s and con’s of getting bangs.


With a variety of styles available, bangs can add volume to your look and make weak hair that frames the face look new and refreshed again. They can also transform your look in a couple of snips, giving you “new look, new me” vibes without any major damage. Bangs also frame your face and make you look younger, while still offering a stylish and age appropriate feel.


While we love the idea of bangs, there are a couple cons to consider before getting them. First and foremost, if you don’t like them there really isn’t much you can do besides wait for them to grow out. In addition to this, if you’re prone to oily hair or skin then your bangs may end up getting oily faster, resulting in more washing. This can be solved with the tips and tricks listed below, but it’s important to consider how this will affect your current hair maintenance routine.

Tricks & Hacks

If you’re worried about the burden of styling bangs, we’ve pulled together a list of hacks that will make styling easy and refresh your look without having to go in for a blowout every couple of days.

Meet your new BFF, the round brush.

Though most of us are familiar with the round brush, you’ll get to know it a lot better should you decide to get bangs. Round brushes and a blowdryer make styling your bangs simple and quick. Pulling the brush up and out while slightly twisting inward, dry your bangs while adding volume. For less volume and a more sleek look, simply pull the brush out at a straighter angle.

Gym time hack - wash bangs only

We recently shared some of our favorite tricks to keep hair looking fresh after the gym, and bangs are no exception. Whether you wear your bangs down at the gym is up to you, but these shorter pieces of hair are likely to get sweaty and oily faster than the rest of your hair. To avoid having to wash each time, simply bring a little shampoo and wash/dry your bangs only. Not only will you feel refreshed, but you’ll have added volume back which will extend the time between washes for the rest of your hair.

Use dry shampoo

If you’re heading out after a long day and want to refresh your look, hit the roots of your bangs with some dry shampoo, massaging into your scalp and styling with a brush further. Our favorite dry shampoo is this one by Kérastase. To keep your style longer, set the ends with a light hairspray and you’re good to go.

Bottom Line

While any big change to your look is scary, sometimes it’s exactly what we need to gain a refreshed sense of self. Bangs can be a great option to build volume and add a uniqueness to your look while adding a playful element. If you’re unsure which style is right for you or if bangs are a good idea, make sure to talk to your Tease Hair Boutique stylist during your next appointment and get insights into which look would best suit your hair needs and face shape!

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