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Top Trending Haircuts for Women in their 40's

Haven’t you heard that 40 is the new 30? At Tease Hair Boutique, we believe that youth is a mindset and women should not limit themselves from self expression for fear that it’s not age appropriate. In fact, studies have shown that our forties are when we reach a new level of satisfaction and understanding in our lives, pivoting us towards higher rates of happiness. So who’s to say life doesn’t begin at forty and your hair shouldn’t reflect that?

If you’re ready for a new look but not sure to begin, look no further. We’ve pulled together a list of the top trending haircuts and styles for women in their 40’s.

Top Trending Styles

The Ombre Bob with Waves

A little louder for those in the back: hair can be short and manageable without being boring! That’s exactly what the ombre and textured waves add to the bobbed hairstyle. With no roots to worry about and a simple styling technique of light waves (or even air-drying) the ombre bob with waves offers a warmth and playful youth while still feeling feminine and mature.

Copper Highlight Long Razor Cut

Bring your red undertones to the spotlight by adding copper highlights to lightened hair. The two tone add dimension to any color with warmth and a renewed, lively look. Add a few lighter pieces to frame the face and make your eyes pop.

Dark Taper Cut

Another short cut we love that’s perfect for naturally coiled or curly hair is the dark tapered cut. Short on the sides and tapering longer towards the top, this style is easily manageable and gorgeously accentuates curls.

Strawberry Ombre

With warm and a youthful glow, we’re big fans of adding strawberry tints to light hair. This strawberry blonde ombre adds pop to roots while still allowing for natural growth, keeping a subtle warmth to the ends.

Long Dark Waves with Light Tips

Another great option for longer hair that doesn’t require much upkeep is lightened tips on longer, dark hair. Similar to a balayage but with less depth to the lightened ends, add dimension and a modern vibe to a manageable yet stylish look.

The Wolf Cut

A super trendy look with retro vibes for 2023 is the wolf cut, and we love this look on all ages. Using curled layers, bangs, and blunt ends you can understand where the cut gets it’s name. This style is also great for adding volume to thinner, finer hair and has endless color opportunities.

Long Choppy Layers with Blunt Bangs

If you haven’t heard, bangs are back in style and we’re loving all of the options for looks. A hot trend right now is shorter, blunt cut bangs. This look combines the free and natural look of long choppy layers with the contrast of short, blunt bangs for a fun and edgy look.

Side Swept Bangs and Curly Lob

Landing between the last two cuts is the curly “Lob” or long bob, which gives hair a stylish shape and pairs nicely with the popular side swept bangs. Easy to style and great with any color, this look is versatile and manageable for those looking for a more low maintenance style.

Tousled Short Pixie

Rocking a short haircut can be a scary transition, but opting for a shorter look can give you an edgy, modern look. With short sides and more length on top, styling takes little maintenance while accentuating facial features.

Chin Length Wavy Bob

A great cut for finer hair, the chin length bob offers a blunt cut for added thickness and volume. With some textured and tousled waves and a few highlights for depth, the chin length bob is versatile and brings variety and a playfulness to your look.

Bottom Line

While we’re firm believers that age is a mindset and your hair should reflect your personality over your age, more than anything we want to help you find a look that makes you feel confident and beautiful. Before making any big changes to your look, we recommend consulting your Tease Hair Boutique Stylist to see what looks will work best with your specific hair type and texture.

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